Hello, I’m Korryn, Admin / Tech Ninja and Owner of Encore Admin Consulting.

Encore Admin Consulting helps solopreneurs and business owners structure, streamline and self-manage their administration and tech needs.

I help business owners match their abilities and personalities to admin needs, through one to one attention, that’s warm, generous, packed with knowledge and a dash of humour too.



Using systems such as G Suite and WordPress for your business but don’t feel like you’re maximising their capabilities? You want a technology savvy professional to give you a helping hand to streamline and structure your day to day using the apps you have in place.

This is where Encore Admin Consulting can help (just quietly it’s my zone of genius).

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Administration Projects

Have a list of those fiddly tasks that are outside of your headspace right now or a little far out of your technology capabilities?

Process Consulting

Looking to grow your team but have not captured the process information out of your head and into documentation for your business?

Administration Strategy

Want to pick the brain of an administration person to help you figure out how to manage your admin more productively? 

Online Courses and Training

Want to learn online with a course or have one on one training to help understand the software you are using within your business?

Self Paced Small Business Administration Course Online


Feel like you’re not quite ready for hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Feel like you want to get your ducks more in a row in how you take care of your admin?

Get clarity and consistency with your business administration tasks.

You’ll have the guidance of an experienced administration assistant (me!) in a simple and encouraging way (with bite-sized, easy to follow videos and downloadable resources).



Encore Admin Consulting brings the skills of an experienced administration assistant straight to your business; you only pay for the hours worked for the tasks you need to be completed. 

Some clients are hesitant to try a virtual assistant. I get it – you’re used to having somebody sit beside you in the office, and the idea of working with somebody you never see in person is hard to get your head around.

Here’s why a virtual assistant beats having traditional employees:

You only pay for the time I actually work. Even temporary employees are usually expected to sit at their desks from nine to five on the days they’ve been engaged to work. With a virtual assistant you pay for the hours you need, as you need them: if you have a job that takes 45 minutes, I’ll charge you for 45 minutes.

I work from a fully equipped home office. You don’t need to provide me with a desk, a computer or even a mug. I use secure communication and storage methods and can even share my computer screen with you on your office computer, so working virtually together is safe and unbelievably efficient.

You brief me directly and get my best one-on-one support. Using a recruitment agency for temporary employees means going through a middleman who might miss the mark on what you need. When we work together, I’ll take your brief direct from you, and then work out the best way to complete the task in a way that’s tailored to your business.

I’m a career administrator and experienced temporary contractor. With experience across a variety of industries and business environments, I’m great at thinking on my feet and making things happen. I’ll quickly learn how your business works, and then work for you as often as you need, so you don’t need to spend time teaching the basics to someone new each time. 

“We use Encore Consulting as a Virtual Assistant. With the use of basic technology and cloud computing, we would never go back to how we got stuff done in the past… It gives our business great flexibility in how we tackle tasks and internal projects especially when there are hold points. The benefits for all extend beyond time and flexibility.”

Shaun McBain

Director, V2R Projects



And believe it or not—I LOVE admin!

For me, admin is all about helping people—helping people to be organised, to know their admin is under control, to have more time to work on the things they’re good at, and to see their business succeed. 

I’ve been doing admin in some capacity for over 10 years across a range of different industries, including real estate, hospitality & events, local government, infrastructure & construction, insurance, IT, and education. When I start working with a new client, I bring experience and insight from a broad spectrum of work environments. This means I’m great at adapting to new industries, and I can bring perspectives and solutions from other environments that will work in yours.

For the two years before starting Encore Admin Consulting, I was working in temporary office assignments, and recruiters would often miss the mark on the job requirements or the time allocated for the work. The last straw with that kind of job was when I finished all of my tasks by lunchtime on the first day of a two-day assignment, and the recruiter asked me if I could ‘go slower’.

That just doesn’t cut it with an Admin Ninja like me!

That’s why Encore Admin Consulting was born.

As a virtual assistant, I cut out the middle man and deal directly with the person I’m helping. This way, I can provide a much higher-quality service where the client only pays for the time I actually work. And when you see how efficient I am and how smoothly everything runs when I’m working in the background, you’ll keep coming back for more. You’ll want an Encore!


Here is what my clients say about me and my work:

“If you’re looking for someone who’s going to be 8 steps ahead of your business and always reaching back to ensure you have the greatest and most efficient systems, then you can’t go past Encore. Korryn really is the best VA you’ll ever have. She is generous with her knowledge and employs military precision in her execution. There aren’t enough stars to express this…..”

Louise Fitzgerald-Baker

CEO, The Pink Hard Hat


If the items that you need assistance with aren’t listed please get in touch as I would love to discuss your requirements and either provide assistance if I can or provide recommendations of other professionals that may be able to support you. 


I enjoy writing blog articles with information, thoughts and tips which can help you with your administration tasks and education about what Virtual Assistants can do for you.


Here’s a little more information about me (if you were interested to know) such as links to my guest blog posts that are around the internet and my qualifications.