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Korryn Haines Encore Admin Consulting Brisbane Administration Consultant

Encore Admin Consulting brings the skills of an experienced administration assistant straight to your business; you only pay for the hours worked for the tasks you need to be completed.

Some clients are hesitant to try a virtual assistant. I get it – you’re used to having somebody sit beside you in the office, and the idea of working with somebody you never see in person is hard to get your head around.

Here’s why a virtual assistant beats having traditional employees:

You only pay for the time I actually work. Even temporary employees are usually expected to sit at their desks from nine to five on the days they’ve been engaged to work. With a virtual assistant you pay for the hours you need, as you need them: if you have a job that takes 45 minutes, I’ll charge you for 45 minutes.

I work from a fully equipped home office. You don’t need to provide me with a desk, a computer or even a mug. I use secure communication and storage methods and can even share my computer screen with you on your office computer, so working virtually together is safe and unbelievably efficient.

You brief me directly and get my best one-on-one support. Using a recruitment agency for temporary employees means going through a middleman who might miss the mark on what you need. When we work together, I’ll take your brief direct from you, and then work out the best way to complete the task in a way that’s tailored to your business.

I’m a career administrator and experienced temporary contractor. With experience across a variety of industries and business environments, I’m great at thinking on my feet and making things happen. I’ll quickly learn how your business works, and then work for you as often as you need, so you don’t need to spend time teaching the basics to someone new each time.

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Encore Admin Consulting Shaun McBain V2R Projects Testimonial

“We use Encore Consulting as a Virtual Assistant. With the use of basic technology and cloud computing, we would never go back to how we got stuff done in the past… It gives our business great flexibility in how we tackle tasks and internal projects especially when there are hold points. The benefits for all extend beyond time and flexibility.”

– Shaun McBain, V2R Projects

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