Check Out My New (Web) Home

New look, new website – same kick butt admin nerd behind the service.

As of June 2021 Encore Admin Consulting is starting to wind down and will be operating under my own name – Korryn Haines.

To celebrate this, I have a new virtual home at www.korrynhaines.com.au – so pop on over to see my most up to date offerings, services and availability.



“I have recently engaged the services of Encore Admin Consulting to set up Google Workspace for my business. Korryn was incredible and exceeded my expectations. She knows all the tech stuff inside and out so she can not only create a custom solution for your needs but also troubleshoot issues that have come with previous attempts. Korryn was able to set up my Workspace and build my email workflow with custom templates and canned responses as well as teach me how to manage them more efficiently so that I no longer feel overwhelmed by a bunch of correspondence in an inbox where every message looks identical. I loved how attentive and thoughtful she was throughout the process and I particularly appreciated the extra touch of matching my branding to a tee. I highly recommend Encore Admin Consulting to any business owner who wishes to experience maximum productivity. Prepare to see an exciting change in how you manage your tasks and do business…

20 May 2021

Lucrezia Iapichino

Lawyer & Co-Founder, Blogging For New Bloggers

Korryn goes above and beyond to fix any annoying Google Workspace problem that hit’s my business, or well let’s face it, that I stuff up! Her knowledge of tech and how things work is like her silent superpower because when she explains to me what I’ve done – and how she’s fixed it – it’s always in simple terms with screenshots (no tech jargon) so that I know what NOT to do again!

Sometimes these have been critical errors that would have had a huge impact on my business. When I recently rebranded there was a lot of tech to be changed or updated, like Google Drive not syncing, emails not working and she fixed it all in no time, something that would have taken me hours to work out. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Thanks Korryn.

15 May 2021

Shauna Upson

Copywriter, Shauna Upson Copywriter

Korryn of Encore Admin Consulting was incredibly helpful for me this week – sorting out a Google Workspace problem, consolidating my 2 email accounts and providing me some great tips on email organization. What a relief it was to have someone that could easily sort out the quite major problem for me (I’d already lost 3 hours 🙁 trying to sort it before contacting Korryn). So Thanks again Korryn.

20 January 2021

Dianne Denton

Luxury Dog, Horse & Wheelchair Friendly Beach Holiday Accommodation, Sea Horse Diamond Beach

“As a one woman business, having Korryn in my corner is invaluable, I can’t recommend her or her unending knowledge nearly enough (even about the things you DIDN’T know you DIDN’T know) it is with her assistance I am about to expand and I know it would not have been possible without her help, thank you Korryn!

17 September 2020

Amanda Bell

Chief Family Fun Officer, Townsville Family Life

“Korryn is my go-to for reigning in the chaos and helping me systemise and structure my business admin. Korryn’s knowledge around using technology to my advantage helps me to keep my business administration on track and has allowed me to get more out of my systems (especially G Suite and Active Campaign). Her patience, knowledge, and ability to strip away the jargon and explain things in a way that allows me to understand how I can keep my admin under control. Korryn has and continues to help me take my business to the next level.”

17 July 2019

Emily Chadbourne

Mindset Coach, Emily Chadbourne

“We engaged Korryn from Encore Admin Consulting to undertake an audit of my business, and to capture our administration processes and systems that were in place (which we knew were not in a good shape). We really needed help on so many levels, and the hardest bit for us was actually knowing where to start…and that was where Korryn began to really help us.

Using her own developed system and extensive experience she completed this in an efficient and detailed way and gave us a brilliant snapshot of what was in place. She offered some really simple, low-cost and clever solutions, and laid it all out in a way that we could clearly understand, as well as decide which parts of the business we wanted to focus on first….and what could wait a little longer. She reassured us that it could all be in a better shape quite easily, and that much of it we could do ourselves, though she offered guidance and assistance at every step. Korryn explained everything in an easy to understand way and was able to give us a number of different options to consider. Off the back of Korryn’s audit, I was able to strip away the excess subscriptions and systems we had in place that we realised weren’t serving us and I regained control and streamlined how were undertake the back of house administration processes in our business.

The outcomes achieved as the result of the Administration Audit undertaken by Korryn were beyond our expectations, and has made a huge difference to the level of professionalism we offer our clients, and saves us literally hours every week.”

17 July 2019

Vickie Saunders

Director, The Sponsorship Consultants / The Brand Builders

“We have utilised Korryn’s team at Encore Admin Consulting for many of our projects. They have been a great help!”

25 January 2019

Troy Rolley

CEO, Electrical Embassy

“If you’re looking for someone who’s going to be 8 steps ahead of your business and always reaching back to ensure you have the greatest and most efficient systems, then you can’t go past Encore. Korryn really is the best VA you’ll ever have. She is generous with her knowledge and employs military precision in her execution. There aren’t enough stars to express this…..”

2 June 2018

Louise Fitzgerald-Baker

CEO, The Pink Hard Hat

“Korryn was my first ever Virtual Assistant and a great introduction to the world of VAs. Incredibly efficient, professional & helpful. I only wished I had had more time to give her additional tasks to take over.”

22 November 2017

Anthony Llewellyn

Managing Director, Great Mynds Pty Ltd / AdvanceMed

“Korryn from Encore Admin Consulting is a SUPERSTAR! I engaged Korryn to help me set up a new project management tool in my business. It was a highly confidential task. Korryn was 100% professional and the outcome was BRILLIANT. It would have taken me forever to get this task done as I just don’t have the time to work ON my biz. Korryn took the stress out of it and I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing assistance with project management. Thanks again!”

15 June 2017

Marissa Batty

Founder, The Savvy Studio

“Korryn is a talented and efficient freelancer in every sense of the word. She’s incredibly organised and professional, to start with. She makes sure you get exactly what you’ve asked for with minimum fuss, and documents what she’s achieved for you. She’s the freelancer you need to help in your business, always going above and beyond.”

28 March 2017

Nina Hendy

Founder, The Freelance Collective

“Forward thinking, reliable and diligent. University educated, supportive and tech savvy. Korryn’s VA services cannot be more highly recommended.”

02 February 2017

Mark O'Dwyer B.Bus (Acc)(QUT)

Managing Director, Let's Enterprises

“We engaged Encore Admin Consulting to scrape the copy, images and links off a large website we were redesigning (over 100 pages) and load them into a secondary web build platform for us. All work was completed ahead of our expectations, and we would definitely use them again in future.”

24 January 2017

Rory Cole

Copywriter / Editor, Indietech

“We use Encore Consulting as a Virtual Assistant. With the use of basic technology and cloud computing we would never go back to how we got stuff done in the past.”

January 2017

Shaun McBain

Director, V2R Projects Pty Ltd

“Korryn is very professional and efficient at what she does. She came into our property development business, giving us systems and tools to become more efficient and organised in the work place. She not only helped with staff training, setting up checklists, templates and registers but produced an easy to follow and practical Procedure Manual for us. Korryn brings organisation, professional presentation, simplicity and systems to capture everything. If you’re working with Korryn, you know you’ve struck gold.
Korryn, it’s been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to continue working with you.”

21 November 2016

Louise Fitzgerald-Baker

Director, Ascent Residential Developments

“Korryn is an exceptional young woman and very capable VA. I have worked with Korryn for many years, she is a consistent hard working person who goes above and beyond. Korryn has excellent admin skills and can take a complex task and tackle it with ease. She is diligent and has excellent interpersonal skills – very much a team player. I would recommend her for any role that comes her way.”

03 November 2016

Julianne Davies

Women's Direct Selling Business Coach, juliannedavies.com.au

“Really appreciative for your expertise and time working with me. I am really impressed with your super quick response when requesting work done. It has been such an enjoyable experience and I look forward to continue working with you. Highly recommend Encore Admin Consulting for friendly, fast, professional service.”

06 October 2016

Andrea Fong

Health & Nutrition Mindset Coach