Simple Customer Management Spreadsheet and Enquiry Form | Google Sheet and Google Form Template


If you want a super simple way to track your leads, a single place were you can automate the capture of enquiries through a Google Form that you have embedded in your website, or a simple link that you can use for yourself in capturing information in a structured way then this template is for you.

This template consists of two items – first being a Google Sheet that was created out of the need by my clients (and myself) to have a super simple place to capture the details of leads they receive or phone calls they have with their leads. I myself have found the bigger specialised CRM / CMS systems too cumbersome for the simple needs I have in just having a central point for me to capture the information of my enquiries. If you’re not tech inclined – this Google Sheet template is super simple to navigate for you.

The second is the corresponding Enquiry Form which is created in Google Forms that has all of the simple fields that you would require for your simple CRM. Once you ensure the Google Sheet and the Google File are copied to your own Google Drive account and are connected the leads you enter (or that are entered into your form once embedded on your website) are also captured within your Simple CRM Google Sheet.

To see the two templates being created you can view the how-to video here –
This video also will help you with connecting the two files together to allow the data capture.



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