Admin Systems Audit | Google Sheet Template


Wanting to untangle your tech and decipher what systems you are using in your business with a simple to follow audit?

This template is a part of my Structure Your Business Admin for Success course and it is the key template I use when I start working with new clients to understand their business and where the gaps are and where I need to begin.

If you’re not keen on an online course but want a simple template to help you understand what you’re currently using in your business (which will then help you see where you need to fill the gaps) then this template is for you.

**NOTE** This template does not include individual guidance as to what possible next steps or solutions are available for you and your circumstances. If you are looking for additional personalised support it is suggested you look at the Structure Your Business Admin for Success course (which has more in depth guidance) or a 1:1 Admin Strategy Consultation session.



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