8 Building Blocks To Start Your Small Business – eBook


Got a great idea, but don’t know where to start? Here are the 8 building blocks I used to get my business off the ground, and running efficiently from Day One!



Got a great idea, but don’t know where to start? Here are the 8 building blocks I used to get my business off the ground, and running efficiently from Day One!

“Where do I even start?” is a question I’m asked regularly and that I see over and over again in social media. Someone has an idea, or may be working in a field where they see a gap in the market they can fill. But transforming that idea into a reality can be Oh, so daunting!

I fell into my business “by accident”. For years I thought how I’d like to have my own small business but whenever I actually sat and thought about it, the script in my head ran with “I’m just an administration assistant. What on earth could I offer as a business owner?” When I was finally able to kill that thought, I discovered those skills would become the secret sauce of my entire business. And the skills and knowledge I have as an administration professional are what enabled me to get my business off the ground quickly and efficiently.

It was the practical steps I’m asked about the most. Friends, family, acquaintances regularly say to me they have an idea of a business they want to start but they don’t know the how or what things they need to put in place to get going.

I’ve created this resource to help them, and you, address this fundamental question and get your business off to a good start. Each of these eight building blocks helped me lay a solid foundation to build my business on, and they continue to serve me well to this day. I’m not going to roll out the “build your six-figure-online-business” spiel. There are enough of those types of offering in the market right now (and many of them assume you’re already up and running). I’m just going to share with you the bare basics I used to get started – things non-administrators often miss or underestimate the value of.


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