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How To Set Up A Brand New Google Workspace Account


Written by Korryn Haines

November 3, 2020

I recorded this how to video a few weeks ago because I wanted to demonstrate to anyone out there that setting up a brand new Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) account isn’t necessarily difficult from the get go (if you’re sitting there saying you aren’t good with technology). The instructions as you can see are fairly straightforward but there are some little quirks that you need to be aware of. Things get technical when you are migrating from another email host and want to move over your emails and calendars from them – that’s when having someone who is in the know is better to be handling things for you. If you want to know more about migrating your data into Google Workspace you can check out this resource from Google here – https://support.google.com/a/answer/6251069?hl=en

I provide this setup service as part of my services – however a new set up is rarely just what I show in this video. You also need to set up additional nitty gritty things like filters and tags set up, send mail as settings set up for various aliases that you want to use, signatures set up for your account along with the aliases for the additional email addresses you want to use – just to name a few. And it’s all of these additional bits and pieces – along with migrating over data from your previous email providers (especially if you are moving from a free Gmail account over onto a paid Google Workspace subscription – unfortunately that’s not just a straight changeover account kind of deal) that is part of a setup package that I provide to clients.

Google also provide some great Quick-Start Guides for you to follow in setting up your new Google Workspace account – https://support.google.com/a/answer/6365252?hl=en

If you’d like to sign up to Google Workspace via my referral link you can do so here. Also if you’d like to check out my free Skillshare course – Top 3 G Suite Tools That Enhance Productivity.

I hope this helps if you’re venturing out into the Google Workspace wilderness or considering doing it – I want you to not be afraid of taking that initial leap – and if you are, then engaging someone like myself to help you along the way is also an option.

Written by Korryn Haines

Korryn Haines is an administration ninja with over 10 years of administrative experience in a wide range of industries. Based in Brisbane and founder of Encore Admin Consulting, she provides virtual assistant services and administration process consulting services to micro and small businesses. She loves a nice big pot of tea, smashing out a BodyPump class and spending time with her young children, husband and lovable Cocker Spaniel. Connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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