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A Glimpse Into The Week Of A Virtual Assistant | Encore Admin Consulting | Brisbane Virtual Assistant

Encore Admin Consulting Brisbane Virtual Assistant Gerberas

I thought I’d do something different this week and do a recap of my week because frankly, it was an epic one. As a Mum, Wife, Daughter, Virtual Assistant I’m juggling multiple balls all at once and there have been some utterly fabulous moments for me this week along with the mind games that come along with trying to keep my head above water. Every week isn’t this extreme but the juggle is real as a virtual assistant because you’re managing multiple clients and their tasks and priorities as well as running your own business – then throw in the mix being a Mum to a toddler and a wife (which is a role that is being pretty neglected of late – sorry hubby!). If you told me 12 months ago this would be how my life would be looking I would have laughed at you and told you you’re on some pretty great drugs and where do I get some (kidding).

Every week Mondays and Tuesdays are my days with my almost two year old son. And I am going to put my hand up and say I really need to improve how I spend those days. At the moment I’ve told myself yes, they are my non work days and I need to put all of my energy into spending time with him because he is very quickly growing up. Reality: I’m trying to work during his “nap” times (which, either are non existent or a maximum of one hour long) and if he does have a sleep and he wakes up I spend the afternoon on my laptop “just finishing off” the work I started while he was asleep. Cue the extreme mother guilt kicking in. But I will claim one win I had on Tuesday, when I actually did lock out work for the day (until my Skype meeting I have with one of my clients fortnightly in the evening). I spent the afternoon visiting a friend who is due to have her first baby very soon and it was so nice to have my work brain completely switch off and I spent the afternoon talking Mum stuff which I haven’t done with anyone for quite a while. I haven’t done the mothers group thing so I haven’t been in that world all that much.

Wednesday: the pinnacle of my week. I somehow over the preceding weeks managed to book myself in to back to back networking events and activities for the entire day. I did have a moment of oh my goodness, how on earth am I going to manage to get my clients work done this week – but you know what – it wasn’t an issue. That one day of getting myself out of the office and in front of people was just what I needed for me and my business right now. I have spent so much time engaging online and emailing that I was starting to feel like I was completely disconnected from the real world. But then something magical happened, when I walked in to each of the events and swallowed my fear of approaching people I found the courage to look around the room and realised that I had virtually met so many of them attending the events. And it was so refreshing to be able to walk up to them and introduce myself and for them to say “Oh yes, I recognise you! It’s so great to finally meet you in person.” For an introvert, that was a massive gust of wind into my sails and in all honesty, absolutely made my day.

Encore Admin Consulting Brisbane Virtual Assistant Denise Morcombe Breakfast

Petra Williams & Denise Morcombe – picture courtesy of Women on Fire

Event one was the Women on Fire Breakfast hosted by the incredibly infectious Petra Williams and her invited guest speaker Denise Morcombe. I don’t think there is a single person in Australia who hasn’t heard Denise’s story and just when you think you have heard it all I was proved very wrong. The theme of the presentation was resilience and sitting there and listening to Denise in her so very softly spoken voice recount the overall story again (which makes you tear up without fail every single time) but then talk about various other small events that you didn’t see or didn’t think of even occurring, you realise how much resilience this woman has had to build for herself in the most impossible of situations. On top of that, to come out of the ordeal that she has along with the rest of her family and continue to recount their story over and over again in order to create change in the world is beyond amazing. The work they have done with the Daniel Morcombe Foundation is beyond amazing and he fundraising and outcomes they are delivering to support young victims of crime are something to be extremely proud of.

Second call for the day was a coffee meeting with Michael Crook from Better Small Business Solutions. I have seen Michael through a number of online business groups I am a member within and wanted to get to know more about his services within online research. It was great to meet him in person and having that connection will allow me to refer any clients that require any kind of research for their business through or even research I need for my own business. He is extremely experienced and very thorough in his field and I look forward to working with him in the future where possible. I highly recommend you drop by his website and sign up to his mailing list because he has some great tips to help you with your research.

Encore Admin Consulting Brisbane Virtual Assistant with Shar Moore

Winner winner chicken dinner! Happy snap with Shar Moore with my prize. Photo courtesy of Studio 4 Photography.

Third event for the day was Award Winning Lunch which was organised by Lauren Clemett (The Ultimate Business Propellor), Yvette Adams (AwardsHub / The Creative Collective / The Training Collective) and Annette Densham (Publicity Genie). These three fantastic ladies pulled together an extremely informative and enjoyable event where they outlined the benefits of entering business in to awards programs and how much of a positive influence they can have on you and your business. The energy within the room was fantastic the whole way through and the panel of award winners they provided to answer questions from the crowd were incredibly informative and insightful. I’m fairly certain every person that left the event that day went straight into their computers and started researching the various awards that are out there! The big highlight for me was winning a prize in the business card draw (which NEVER happens) and was the lucky recipient of two books “From Broke to BMW in 18 Months” and “Your Life Your Purpose” by Shar Moore (http://www.sharmoore.com.au). Just having to find the time to read them with a toddler around is the real mission…

After all of the excitement of Wednesday I thought how on earth could I finish off the week on a high? Thursday and Friday were to be my head down bottom up days – and you know what, I did finish the week off on a high. And how did I do that? By working my way through my fabulous clients tasks for the week and providing the best support I possibly can for them – and the even better part about that, is receiving their positive feedback and their show of gratitude for the work I provided. At the end of the day making a difference for my clients is the reason I started Encore Admin Consulting. Receiving that kind of feedback from clients didn’t happen while I was working as a temp contractor and in most cases as a full-time employee working in corporate environments. And what I mean in the show of feedback is not a tangible reward (although that would be nice, gerberas are my favourite flowers by the way – ha!) but the simple act of my clients emailing me to simply say thank you. Along with the testimonials I have been receiving to use on my website without prompting has also been a highlight of my week. It’s these simple acts that keep my head above water and makes me realise that what I do as a virtual assistant has been the right path for me to choose instead of sitting on my hands waiting for the recruitment agencies to call with a bit job here and a few days there. I love doing work that makes my heart sing!

Korryn Haines Encore Admin Consulting Brisbane Virtual AssistantKorryn Haines is an administration ninja with over 10 years of administrative experience in a wide range of industries. Based in Brisbane and founder of Encore Admin Consulting, she provides virtual assistant services to small businesses and solopreneurs. She loves a nice big pot of tea, smashing out a BodyPump class and spending time with her young children, husband and lovable Cocker Spaniel. Connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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Written by Korryn Haines

Korryn Haines is an administration ninja with over 10 years of administrative experience in a wide range of industries. Based in Brisbane and founder of Encore Admin Consulting, she provides virtual assistant services and administration process consulting services to micro and small businesses. She loves a nice big pot of tea, smashing out a BodyPump class and spending time with her young children, husband and lovable Cocker Spaniel. Connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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